Kenja No Mago
Kenja No Mago

Kenja No Mago

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Action, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Seinen, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Drama, Isekai
  • Taken in by a formidable sage named Merlin, Shin is raised by being trained every day to use magic
  • Except for the fact that he is inexperienced outside the world of magic, he is immensely powerful
  • To learn how to hone further and control his powers, Shin enrolls in a prestigious magic academy
In the modern world, a lonely man dies in a terrible accident...and is then reborn in another world! Saved by a brilliant sage named Merlin, the baby is raised as “Shin Walford,” and undergoes training in both magic and martial arts in order to kill the monsters that rampage the land. All the while, it seems he still recalls his past life… When he turns 15, Shin decides that he wants to go out and explore the world outside the forest he grew up in and get rid of the monsters. But with all that training, Merlin seems to have forgotten to teach Shin common sense! These are his adventures in a new fantasy realm.
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Jul 30, 2015 to ?
Young Ace Up (Kadokawa Shoten)
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