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Kimi ga Suki Plus

3 chapters | Completed | Rank 15185
Story 1: Christmas Version - Aki wants to go on a trip with Mase, but they have no money for it so they decide to get a part time job. Unfortunately, not many are ok to hire high-school kids. Aki gets a job at a bar owned by Mase's brother, that doesn't think she is worthy of being the girlfriend of his little brother. She is determinate to prove him wrong and spend the best Christmas with her boyfriend.

Story 2: Passion Pink Version - Mase wants to adds some sweetness to his relationship with Aki, but doesn't know how to get those kind of feelings across of properly, and how to look more like a boyfriend. Will he be able to express his thoughts to her?

Story 3: Koibana Confession - Tsubasa and Mirai were both raised at an orphanage since a very young age due to losing their parents. In the meantime, Tsubasa took the mantle of protecting Mirai from all dangers and bullies, and naturally, Mirai fell for him. She has got adopted, and now it's time to leave, but her love for Tsubasa remains....there is a darker side to her adoptive father, however, and things quickly get out of control. Will she be able to get her feelings across to him before it is too late?


Other Facts

Published2008 to 2009
SerializationBessatsu Friend Zoukan BetsuFure
Last UpdatedJuly 21, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesI Like You PLUS, キミがスキPLUS, Koibana: Kokuhaku