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A collection of stories:

1-3. Koisuru Onnanoko wa Itsumo

4. Koi no Yukue wa

5. Candy Charm

6. And twinkle
"Christmas sucks. Nothing good ever happens to me on that day."

7. bit by bit
A girl just wants to look good in front of the guy she likes!

8. Shuuko-chan no Okashi (Shuko's Snack)
Kenji Yashima has been receiving hand-made snacks from his neighbour, Shuko Kojima, who moved in when he was seven. Shuko was good at everything, and what he doesn't understand is why she would bother with a guy like him.


Chapter 0: [Oneshot]August 30, 2016

Other Facts

PublishedFeb 25, 2013
SerializationBessatsu Margaret
Last UpdatedJuly 27, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesLove Makes a Life Girly, Koi no Yukue wa, candy charm, And twinkle, bit by bit, Shuko's Snack, Shuuko-chan no Okashi, Koisuru Onnanoko wa Itsumo