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A collection of oneshots that would make you want to fall in love!!

1) Kimi no Hada wo Kowasu Yoru by Kitagawa Miyuki
If you put a picture of yourself in the frame, you'll find your true love. If you put a picture of two lovers together, they'll soon marry. Maaya has come to secure a contract with Akihito Kiriyama, the glass artisan who makes these magical frames. However, she accidentally breaks a piece worth $50,000 and to make her pay back the debt, he buys her...?

2) Harukaze by Ichii Kazumi
Soon-to-be-married Madoka finally musters enough courage to talk to the boy who had encouraged her 2 years ago to pursue her dreams but now he bluntly remarks her to be annoying. Is there something deeper behind his rudeness? Will the spring breeze reconnect them?

3) Gitai Requiem by Natsumi Rin
Riko introduces her friend Sekiya Masago to her latest crush Sonjima-san who happens to work in a bar. All these years, Masago had been faking her plain and boring exterior but Sonjima seems to see right through her. Afraid of hurting Riko's feelings, Masago tries to distance herself from Sonjima. Can Sonjima help Masago to cast aside her camouflage?

4) Rennai Shinkoukei by Uryuu Hanako
Coworkers Akito Homare and Juri are dating each other in secret, and the Executive Secretary of their company is suspicious of their relationship... How long will they be able to keep their relationship under wraps? And can Juri keep up with Homare's pace?

5) Oujisama♥Sniper by Hata Kimi
Kakegawa is a busy social-worker who has always been easy-going when it comes to finding love. She believes that she'll surely meet her destined man someday and so there is no need of rushing things. One day she meets Takahashi-kun at a party at her job. Takahashi is really straightforward, has a boob fetish, is a whole lot weird and keeps on making advances towards her...!! Will Kakegawa find her soulmate in this bizarre guy?


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 20, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesKinjirare ta Koi ni Tsui chite, 禁じられた恋に堕ちて