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A Kiss to the Prince

24 chapters | Completed | Rank 3669
Everyone always says to set high goals for oneself. Sei-Ann, an orphaned young lady who was raised in the care of a noblewoman, does just that when she decides she'll become the prince's bride. With above average looks and ambitions that would rival that of a king, Sei-Ann is determined to leave her social status behind and become the wife of the next Crown Prince. Ever since she was a child, she knew that she was somehow special and was meant to go places. And even if it meant enduring a marriage with the most hideous looking prince, she feels it would be a small price to pay to claim her fate as the First Lady of the kingdom.


Other Facts

PublishedAug 1, 2006 to Oct 31, 2007
SerializationMink (Seoul Cultural)
Last UpdatedMay 30, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesA Kiss to the Prince, Kiss to My Prince, A Kiss for My Prince, A Kiss for the Prince, 왕자님에게Kiss를


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