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Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss: Bokura no Baai

9 chapters | Completed | Rank 14370
Continuation of Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss, a shoujo manga following the relationship between Sakisaka and Hatori—the ups and downs, misunderstandings, the tears and the laughter.

A unique thing about this series is that each story/situation is told twice—once from the girl's perspective, and once from the guy's perspective! The reader ends up learning what each side was thinking.


Other Facts

PublishedNov 28, 2000 to Nov 24, 2005
Last UpdatedDecember 4, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesKiss, Zekkou, Kiss: Our Circumstances, キス、絶交、キス ボクらの場合, Mafuyu no April Fool, Koi no Yamai ni Drop 3-jou, Mabataki suru Tabi ni, Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss Bokura no Baai, I Hate You But I Love You, Kiss, Zekkou, Kiss - Our Circumstances