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Mayonaka Atashi ni Tomaru Chou

1 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 10426
Collection of short stories:
1.真夜中あたしに留まる蝶 - Mayonaka Atashi ni Tomaru Chou

2.彼氏彼女はお年頃 - Kareshi Kanojo wa Otoshigoro

3.子供ハ眠る後 - Kodomo ga Nemuru Ato
As children, Anri and Kouta had a sibling-like relationship. Fast-forward to ten years later and a bold suggestion, Anri and Kouta are now at a turning point of their relationship.


Other Facts

Original Publisher Shogakukan
Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2017
Other names子供が眠る後, 彼氏彼女はお年頃, 真夜中あたしに留まる蝶, Kodomo ga Nemuru Ato, Mayonaka Atashi ni Tomaru Chou, Kareshi Kanojo wa Otoshigoro