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Koi ni Ochite Kudasai

2 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 5856
A collection of oneshots:

1. Koi ni Ochite Kudasai (Please Fall in Love)

2. Sensei to Sono Ato no Hanashi (Sensei and the After Story)

3. Koyoi, Neko wo Sagashi ni (Tonight, Looking for the Cat)

4. Karamaru Kokoro (Entwined Heart)
Ritsu wonders If the only thing his boyfriend likes about him is his hair.

5. Omotte mo, Kanawanai (Even Thinking, It Won't Come True)

6. Koi ga Saita Hi (The Day Love Blossomed)
Lumiére's just moved in with his owner and wonders why Lluvia, the cat next door, won't have anything to do with him. Will Lluvia ever come around? A gentle tale of becoming friends, and perhaps something more.


Other Facts

Original Publisher Printemps Shuppan
Last UpdatedJune 20, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names恋爱绽放之日, 恋に落ちてください, Koi ni Ochite Kudasai, Please Fall in Love, Sensei to Sono Ato no Hanashi, Sensei and the After Story, Koyoi, Neko wo Sagashi ni, Tonight, Looking for the Cat, Karamaru Kokoro, Entwined Heart, Omotte mo, Kanawanai, Even Thinking, It Won't Come True, Koi ga Saita Hi , The Day Love Blossomed