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Koisuru Heart ga No to Iu

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 6977
1. Koisuru Heart ga "NO" to lu
Sawa is a representative of the student council and the valedictorian of her grade. A teacher had asked Sawa to persuade Tatsuki who has been ditching school and have not been attending his classes. But when she goes to the Educational Guidance Room to speak with him she sees him fooling around with a girl. She decides to go to his house to talk to him, but he takes her out with him and tells her, “If you want me to attend school, all you have to do is kiss me once” but… At that time she thinks, I will really kiss you?!

2. Sonna Koi no Hanashi. (そんな恋の話。)
The popular Saho asks Takita-kun to pretend to be her boyfriend for a month to avoid the soon-to-graduate third year seniors from confessing to her. He agrees on the condition that Saho must not fall in love with him...

3. Dolce (ドルチェ)
Fujishima worries about her future when she hears the sweet sound of a piano playing. It is the annoying Tomonori that is playing...

4. The Kiss on Christmas Eve (聖夜のキス, Seiya no Kiss)
Yukino goes to a missionary school, and every day leading up to Christmas it is rehearsal for Christmas mass. Yukino is caught sneaking out of mass by Seiya, but instead of turning her in, he takes her on a date through a city in Christmas mood... Who is this Seiya anyway?


Other Facts

SerializationShogakukan Books
Last UpdatedJuly 13, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesHeart in Love Says No, Heart in Love Calls No, 恋するハートがNOという