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Koi to Gunkan

8 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 12716
Endou Kana is a middle school girl secretly in love with a man 28 years her senior, the town's handsome mayor. However, he has a suspicious relationship with an older, scruffy, smoking ero-mangaka. The two men wear the same cologne, have matching bathrobes, and they even regularly stay overnight together…?! So what form will love take? The love of a middle school girl for an older man or adult love? And is it really okay to let Nishi Keiko run rampant in Nakayoshi like this?


Other Facts

PublishedDec 28, 2009 to Jul 3, 2015
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesLove and a Warship, 恋と軍艦