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Anne-chan Tarou

1 chapters | Completed | Rank 11342
Ichinose Tarou is at the age where he's really awkward about girls, but he's been chosen to perform along with a girl in a year end festival. His partner is Momozono Anne, the daughter of his father's boss, who seems to be in love with Tarou for some unknown reason. The two of them are supposed to build a snow demon and destroy it together at the festival, but Tarou would be happy to avoid Anne and do all the work alone. How will Tarou deal with this unwanted intruder in his life?


Other Facts

SerializationAkamaru Jump
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesあんねちゃんたろう


Chapter 0: [Oneshot]August 30, 2016