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Last Kiss

6 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 10164
Ever since she was 10 years old Eun Song has been an orphan! Money is the best! If it's for money she would do anything (except for kissing). Stubborn rich guy Jae Gal Won who acts like a gentleman in front of others. But when he sees maid Eun Song he becomes greedy and playful… Is this love?


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 24, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesLast Kiss, The Last Kiss With You


Vol.1 Chapter 6August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 5August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 4August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 3June 8, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 2June 8, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 1June 8, 2017