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Life Alive!: Kimi to Hajimeru Gakuen Sousenkyo

7 chapters | Completed | Rank 4139
Hokuto Kuzuhara is a delinquent known throughout Sekai Private Academy. His way of life being so hated by his family that they give him an ultimatum: Find a girlfriend within a year or move out. That said, though, months pass and he still has had no luck and it seems like he never will. It is then during this predicament that he is approached by the student council vice president with a plan that would both save him from moving out... As well as help her with her revenge.

Other Facts

PublishedSep 27, 2014 to Feb 27, 2015
SerializationComic Alive
Last UpdatedJuly 24, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesLife Alive! The Student Council Elections I Started with You, ライフアライヴ! キミと始める学園総選挙