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Little Busters! Ecstasy Series

1 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 9756
The main additions in Little Busters! Ecstasy are 3 heroine routes involving the characters Tokido Saya, Sasasegawa Sasami and Futaki Kanata.

Volume 1: Tokido Saya - School Revolution
Saya is part of a special prefectorial board that aims to eliminate a dark association and, in the process, she drags Riki Naoe into the mayhem as back-up! Riki, not quite sure what's going on, is pretty sure all this is a plot by his senior, Kyousuke Natsume. Will Riki be able to get out of all the madness or will he get himself killed before he even tries?



Other Facts

PublishedJan 26, 2009 to Jun 26, 2012
SerializationDengeki G's Festival! Comic
Last UpdatedJuly 17, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesLittle Busters! EX, LB! EX, Little Busters! Ecstasy: Tokido Saya - School Revolution, Little Busters! Ecstasy: Sasasegawa Sasami - Black Cat Fantasia, Little Busters! Ecstasy: Futaki Kanata - My Minroud, リトルバスターズ! エクスタシー シリーズ