Love Cruise
Love Cruise

Love Cruise

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Supernatural, Comedy, Josei, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Smut, One Shot
  • This is a collection of short, heart-throbbing and mature love stories
  • While Yuri meets a boy that becomes an adult at night, Ema discovers Minami's secret
  • These stories will explore different type of couples, scenarios and strange occurrences around them
Collection of short stories: 1) Love Cruise Yuri starts her extravagant cruise trip alone, after her aunt calls her and asks Yuri to go in her place since she had to work. However, since Yuri was just dumped by her boyfriend, she couldn’t enjoy the trip at all. Then, she is called by an audacious young boy, however, the next time they met, he turns into an adult?! 2) Kawaii no ga Osuki Ema loves cute things, but they don't suit her. She especially loves the bears created by Minami-san and thinks they will make the perfect wedding gift for her sister. After discovering who Minami really is, will she be able to work with him? 3) Otameshi Kudasai Nogawa is a serious sales person who only shows a smile to customers and guests. One day, he offers a free sample of fried Gengis Khan to a yakuza princess. Later, she begins working with him, much to his dismay. 4) Ryuujin-sama to Oyome-sama One day, Kawamoto Mizuho encountered a dragon god who chose her as his bride by paying her father a large sum of money. Although unsure of how to emotionally connect with the dragon god, Mizuho consents to the proposal. Can Mizuho learn to love the dragon god, and does he truly love her or does he only want to use her?
Ohmi Tomu
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Oct 9, 2009
Petit Comic
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