Love Junky

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    • High school girl Sonoko's first encounters Narusawa just as he wins in a vicious fight
    • Afraid of the toughest guy in school. she's caught off guard when he asks her to go out with him
    • A sweet story of two unlikely lovers that showcases how one should never judge a book by its cover
    One day, high school girl Sonoko forgets something so she goes back to get it. She glances out the window and sees a boy in the schoolyard, surrounded by unconscious and bleeding bodies!

    The boy is Narusawa, and blood runs down his cheek, and he has a dangerous look in his eye. He is one of the toughest guys in the school, and had beaten up the guys at his feet. He senses Sonoko looking at him and turns to her.

    Sonoko's school is co-ed, but the girls only have classes with girls, and guys with guys. At this school, most of the guys are the loud, rude, dangerous, violent gang-member type. Most of the girls know to stay far away from them. But, things are about to change when this kind of boy asks her to be his girlfriend—the dangerous Narusawa-kun himself! He waits for Sonoko after school and follows her around. He seems to really like her! What should she do?

    Narusawa has a different side to him that he is willing to share with Sonoko. He can be kind and funny. What a strange couple they would make! There are a lot of obstacles in their path to love. Narusawa is willing to tackle them, but can Sonoko face her own fears?






    Last UpdatedJuly 17, 2017
    Other names恋愛ジャンキー, Renai Junky
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