Love Making

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      1. Love Making
      Student Shinobu loves cafeteria food and usually cleans his plate, the only thing he won't eat are carrots. When school nutritionist Tatsuya catches him throwing out food, he has to think of a creative way for Shinobu to eat his vegetables...

      2. The Pigheaded Deity
      Keisuke's grandfather always warned him about the Tengu living on the mountain, but that was when he was a child. Keisuke's an adult now, so why is he seeing a handsome man with wings?

      3. Let Me Drown in the Sea of Love!
      Atsushi is a failing romance novelist whose active fantasy life has wrapped itself around fish shop employee, Sakurai. Can Atsushi wake up long enough to make a move?

      4. God, Give Me a Wife
      Kurachi Daisuke is a high school teacher with a problem: he's single. So he prays to the heavens to give him a wife, when a passing alien hears his wish and decides to help, Kurachi may have to think a little more exotically about him love life.

      5. Oshikake Hunter (The Kind Hearted Roommate)
      Dorm head Hiroki never expected Kenta to come to his school. Hiroki always treated Kenta as a younger brother, but Kenta's feelings were far from brotherly, and he's not going to let Hiroki slip through his fingers again!

      6. Dealing with Fate!
      High school student Tetsuya has a really bad memory, especially first thing in the morning. This leads to a mix-up on the street and Okada Aki enters his life.

      7. Diary of a Fantasy Life!

      8. Love Making II
      Tatsuya has started a new job at a college and Shinobu is lonely.






      Last UpdatedJuly 17, 2017
      Other namesLove Making, Oshikake Hunter, ラブメイキング, The Kind Hearted Roommate
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