Lunar: Vane Hikuusen Monogatari

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      A collection of three tales based on the Lunar video game series, which take place before Lunar: The Silver Star.

      1. Kioku suru Fuukei (The Scenery I Recall)
      Dain/Dyne and Ghaleon's first meeting in the town of Burg.

      2. Tamashii no Kokuhaku (Confession of the Soul)
      Dain - now grown to his late teens-early twenties - and Ghaleon - aged little physically - run across an airship (still running) trapped in a box canyon which Ghaleon identifies as belonging to the city of Vheen. (He should know - he helped to build it, as described in Vheen Hikuusen story three.) The pair teleport to Vheen to notify the guildmistress, only to find her gone - with only her deputy, the young Remilia Ausa (Lemia Ausa in the English games) available to help - and she seems reluctant to say just exactly what is going on with the airship...

      3. Kokuhaku suru Kioku (The Memories I Confess)
      Ghaleon is seventeen, and his older brother, Zain, has just died. Zain's great ambition was to construct a magic-powered airship in which to soar the skies and follow the birds, but he perished before he could complete it. Ghaleon decides to complete the ship without understanding exactly why he feels compelled to do so - he didn't have a good relationship with his brother and felt that Zain forsook him in favor of his dreams of birds and flight. By far the most solemn of the three stories, and the one most reliant on Funato's powerful imagery to relate its tale.






      Published1983 to 1996
      SerializationShounen Ace
      Last UpdatedJuly 18, 2017
      Other namesVHEEN the story of the inheritance, Lunar: Vane Hikuusen Monogatari, LUNAR ヴェーン飛空船物語, Lunar: Tales of the Vane Airship