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Machigatta Light Novel no Tsukurikata

9 chapters | Completed | Rank 12068
How to create a light novel #1: Character. This is how Kirino begins her project of writing a light novel. She finds Suzuha standing outside and finds her attractive and asks her if she could be her model for her light novel. Kirino claims that she wishes to receive the rookie award, and top the popularity of the Haruhi light novel series. Suzuha declines, but Kirino refuses to give up and constantly stalks her to obtain as much information as possible about Suzuha. A hilarious comedy of unexpected events and sexual jokes begins here!


Other Facts

PublishedJul 4, 2009 to Mar 4, 2010
SerializationYoung Ace
Last UpdatedJuly 18, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesMachigatta Ranobe no Tsukurikata, 間違ったラノベの作り方, The Wrong Way to Make a Light Novel