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Mikansei na Bokutachi

2 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 15954
1) Mikansei na Bokutachi
Torikoshi had an unrequited crush on her school’s soccer star, who walked home with her. He promised to always support her artistic ambitions, but one day he didn’t come to the club room after school…

2) Koe no Ato
A boy who sings, and a girl intoxicated by the sound of his voice. What might develop between them?

3) Koboreru Uso to Pierce Hole
“Everything you say sounds like a lie.” After hearing that from a classmate, she vowed to change, but earrings and dyed hair might just get in the way of her new found honesty.

4) Koiiro Tayori
When Megumu found a misplaced love letter, she went to return it to the underclassman who had written it. Only, he didn’t look like the type to have written something so serious.

5) Yonjyuukyuu no Eien
“Uera-kun, you’re not running any more?” Those were the last words she thought she’d say to the boy she loved, who died that afternoon saving a girl from being hit by a car–until his ghost appeared. A story about a boy who loved to run, the girl who loved him, and their forty-nine days together


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJune 13, 2017
Other namesKoe no Ato, Koboreru Uso to Pierce Hole, Koiiro Tayori, Yonjyuukyuu no Eien, 未完成な僕たち