Moon Boy

    Ongoing | 37 chapters
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      Pretty boy-crazy 5th grader, Myung-Ee, doesn’t really want to waste her time on class president, Yu-Da Lee, who doesn’t meet any of her requirements for eye candy… (Too short! Too young!) But when Yu-Da disappears one day, no one except Myung-Ee seems to remember him. Teased about her “invisible boyfriend,” Myung-Ee transfers high schools five years later in search of greener pastures (read: prettier boys). Only she finds herself face-to-face with some of the most beautiful boys she’s ever seen…and Yu-Da, now a class secretary, who doesn’t remember anything about her! Startled by this new development, Myung-Ee’s positively floored when she learns that she and Yu-Da are “Earth rabbits” being hunted by a clan of shape-shifting foxes, some of whom comprise the very student council that surrounds Yu-Da! Will Myung-Ee be able to save Yu-Da from these foxes in sheep’s clothing?






      Published2005 to 2009
      Last UpdatedAugust 24, 2017
      Other namesMoon Boy, 月요일 소년
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