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Moujuu wa Ori no Naka

1 chapters | Completed | Rank 9908
Humans are no good. Humans betray each other… The kingdom of Gulba is racked by rebellion against its young prince. A special guard has been formed to protect the realm against the rebels. They are led by Captain Carla, the Beast Tamer. And her “beast” is tall handsome Hazel, her aide and bodyguard–and the only one she trusts. Vowing to avenge her father’s death at rebel hands, Carla rescues Hazel from a circus to raise and train herself. The rebels have stepped up their attacks, there’s a traitor in the guard ranks, and now Hazel is acting strangely. Can she really trust him after all…?



Other Facts

PublishedJun 10, 2009 to Aug 10, 2009
SerializationLaLa DX
Last UpdatedJune 14, 2017
Other namesMoujyuu wa Ori no Naka, 猛獣は檻の中


Chapter 0: One-shotAugust 30, 2016