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Necrophilia of Darkside Sister

15 chapters | Completed | Rank 15598
On the surface, Georg and Lieselotte Faustus appear to be normal siblings -- the brother is a priest, and the sister is a cute girl that likes wandering through town. But the two have a horrible secret: Lieselotte is actually a walking corpse! Georg has made a deal with the devil Mephistopheles, and in order to keep Lieselotte alive, she must feast on the flesh of the dead.

While Lieselotte remains unaware of the dark past she and her brother came from, Georg searches frantically for the “Necromonicon,” the only book that can save his sister. Can they outrun the religious Inquisition’s watchful eye, and restore Lieselotte’s body?

Other Facts

Original PublisherKill Time Communication
PublishedJun 27, 2011 to Aug 30, 2013
SerializationComic Valkyrie
Last UpdatedMay 26, 2017
Other namesNecrophile of Darkside Sister, Necrophilia of Darkside Sister, Shoujo Gensou Necrophilia, 少女幻葬~Necrophilia, 少女幻葬ネクロフィリア, Некрофилия потусторонней девушки