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6 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 16067
Collection of short stories including:

• Nejishiki
A man gets bitten on the arm by a jelly fish on a village beach foreign to him. He sets off desperately searching for a doctor who can heal his bleeding veins...
Tsuge's 3rd-only English translated work, a sensational and controversial piece that stunned American audiences when published in issue #250 of The Comics Journal. One of Tsuge's "dream stories".

• Numa (Marsh)
A man meets a strange woman while hunting in a marsh.

• Chico
A couple takes care of a java sparrow.

• Hatsutake Gari (Mushroom Hunting)
Rain mysteriously falls around a particular place where a boy and his grandfather plan on going mushroom hunting the next morning...

• Sanshouuo (Salamander)

• Touge no Inu

• Uwasa no Bushi

• Ondoru Koya (Ondoru House)

• Gensenkan Shujin (Master of the Gensenkan Inn)

• Chouhachi no Yado

• Oba Denki Tokin Kogyosho (Oba's Electroplate Factory)

• Yoshiboo no Hanzai

• Shounen

• Aru Mumei Sakka


Other Facts

PublishedJun 24, 1965 to Jul 30, 1984
Last UpdatedJune 15, 2017
Other namesWind-Up Type, ねじ式, Numa, Marsh, Chico, Mushroom Hunting, Sanshouuo, Salamander, Touge no Inu, The Dog of the Mountain Pass, Uwasa no Bushi, Ondoru Koya, Ondoru House, Gensenkan Shujin, Master of the Gensenkan Inn, Oba's Electroplate Factory, Screw-Style