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Neko Irimasen ka?

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 7023
A cat falls in love with a human who once took care of him. Wanting to stay by the young man's side, he agrees to a deal that would allow him to take human form--except in the eyes of the one he has feelings for! What will become of this love?


Other Facts

Last UpdatedNovember 1, 2017
Other namesIsn't A Cat Needed?, Neko Irimasenka, ネコいりませんか?


Vol.1 Chapter 6 [END]November 1, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 5November 1, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 4October 10, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 3September 15, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 2 August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 1 August 30, 2016