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Netsu-Ai Shisen: Hitomi de Okashite

3 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 7853
• Netsu-Ai Shisen -
Miu's boyfriend, Ootsuka-kun, is perfect; he's gorgeous, sweet and earnest. But when Ootsuka-kun introduces her to his Kouhai, her perfect life takes an unexpected turn.

• Shakunetsu no Yuuwaku

• Amai Fukushuu (Sweet Revenge)
Rika was looking forward to a date and used all her money on a "Dinoi" dress. But she was rejected because she looked like a nerd. She offers her body to another guy who agrees to help her get her revenge.

• Sensei wa Boku no Mono -
Yuusuke has been in love with Mitsuki since he was a child. To what length is he willing to go to acquire her love?


Other Facts

PublishedJul 26, 2007
Last UpdatedSeptember 16, 2018
Other namesNetsuai Shisen, 熱・愛視線~瞳で犯して~, Oniisama no Iinari, Sensei wa Boku no Mono, Amai Fukushuu, Shakunetsu no Yuuwaku, NETSU-AI SHISEN