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Abandoned in a dojo with orphans from a war-torn country, The Story of a boy called Nitro Begins where being strong in the world "Koryoku's" can be good or bad. Koryoku's(potency) are Debris formed from the age of Dinosaurs and from an unknown meteor that made that period extinct granted power to these rocks. Nitro hoping to form a team with his former classmates will now have to form a new team to help him become the World's Dictator(the strongest Koryoku user on the planet) and make a law that will avenge his Teacher, But can he achieve this evil goal with his good natured heart, A bone koryoku that grants Nitro "Eternal Bones", Other koryoku users that aim's to be a world dictator themselves, And funny circumstances that stands in his way! This adventure's starting line is Here!

Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 14, 2017
Other namesNitro, ニトロ マンガ, ニトロ