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No Dignity for the Captain

3 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 9660
Kinosaki Emu, captain of the table tennis club, is a large-breasted high schooler who loves table tennis even if she's bad at it.

Opposite her is Yajima Esumi, her one-and-only club member, a sadist who's amazing at table tennis. Esumi throws insult after insult at Emu like calling her a fat pig or only good for her boobs.

Not sitting idly by, Captain wishes to restore her dignity. She gives her all in matches and tries to get new members to join the club. But will this be enough? Will Captain restore her dignity?


Other Facts

PublishedMay 30, 2012 to May 28, 2014
SerializationComic Meteor
Last UpdatedDecember 6, 2017
Other namesBuchou ni Igen wa Arimasen, Bucho ni Igen ha Arimasen, No Dignity for Captain, 部長に威厳はありません