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Okubyou na Koi

2 chapters | Completed | Rank 14121
Fujimori and Matsuda attended the same high school and college; unbeknownst to even himself, Fujimori had made it a habit to hang around his senpai under the pretext of enjoying the delicious sweets that Matsuda was so good at making. But after Matsuda moved to Toyko for work, Fujimori cut off contact with him. Five years later, they reunite unexpectedly and...

Other Facts

PublishedDec 1, 2010 to Jun 1, 2011
Last UpdatedJuly 17, 2017
Other namesCowardly Love, 臆病な恋, Timid Love


Chapter 2: [end]August 30, 2016
Chapter 1 August 30, 2016