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Order wa Boku de Yoroshii desu ka?

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 7223
1. Order wa Boku de Yoroshii desu ka?
Akari always goes to a particular coffee shop, but not for their coffee. It's to see Naruse Hijiri-kun, a waiter who's totally Akari's type. And then suddenly one day she finds him waiting outside her school?

2. Haru Koi
Kaede has been trying to befriend her desk neighbour Muromachi Isami, but when she greeted him, he yelled at her?! In fact every time she greets him, he glares at her. Not giving up, Kaede tries to see the good (cute) side in him...

3. Power of Love
Mikoto has always felt lonely ever since her parents divorced, but she starts living in a new family with a dad and a son in her age, Shou. As much as tries to have a happy family in her new home, Shou seems to be reluctant, but our happy-go-lucky Mikoto will not give up!

4. Flying Start!

5. Haru ni Arashi to Yuki ga Furu!

Other Facts

SerializationDeluxe Margaret
Last UpdatedJuly 23, 2017
Other namesHaru Koi, Power of Love, Flying Start!, Haru ni Kaze to Yuki ga Furu!, オーダーは僕でよろしいですか?