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Oshigerinanshi - Rouchou Tanten no Yotogibanashi

8 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 17278
Working at Kaikarou in the red-light district of Edo Yoshiwara, Ikutarou finds himself among many beautiful women. One in particular, Fuyou, seems to have been gifted with not only beauty but intelligence as well. An intelligence that people from many walks of life secretly turn to when they cannot go to the police. After discovering this secret, Ikutarou is made to be Fuyou's "feet," made to go out to observe crime scenes and evidence to report back to Fuyou so that she may solve the case even while being forbidden from leaving Kaikarou. Will this impromptu partnership work out? Will Fuyou be able to solve the case?

Other Facts

PublishedApr 25, 2013 to Aug 25, 2015
SerializationBig Gangan
Last UpdatedOctober 30, 2017
Other namesOshigerinanshi: Rouchou Tantei Fuyou no Otogibanashi, おしげりなんし 篭鳥探偵・芙蓉の夜伽噺