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Pai o Agemasho, Anata ni Pai o ne

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 14092
Collection of short stories:

1) My Unique Day
Sorako joined a theater troupe entirely because of her admiration for Miki, the group's star. But is admiration really the only thing Sorako feels for her pretty brunette friend?

2) Pie (w)o Agemasho Anata ni Pie (w)o ne

3) Sawako-san to Uchuu Ryokou (A Space Voyage with Suwako-san)
A woman falls for a married woman.

4) Mou Suki Nante Iwanai kara (I Won't Say I Love You Anymore)

Other Facts

PublishedApr 17, 2010 to Sep 17, 2011
SerializationComic Yuri Hime
Last UpdatedSeptember 21, 2018
Other namesMy Unique Day, A Space Voyage with Suwako-san, I Will Bring You Mille Feuille, I Won't Say I Love You Anymore, Mou Suki nante Iwanai kara, Sawako-san to Uchuu Ryokou, パイをあげましょ、あなたにパイをね, Pie wo Agemasho, Anata ni Pie wo ne