Save & Load no Dekiru Yadoya-San
Save & Load no Dekiru Yadoya-San

Save & Load no Dekiru Yadoya-San

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Action, Seinen, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai
  • Loretta is among the adventurers coming to the "Deathless Inn" to get her training
  • The inn manager who is surprisingly strong despite his weak exterior offers "Save Points" as service
  • After every intriguing training program, Loretta dies and comes back alive unscathed
There was an inn with an urban legend among adventurers. “The Inn that won't let you die if you stay there.” Loretta arrives at the in as part of her quest. What is the secret of the “Deathless Inn?” “Save Point.” It was an inn ran by a maxed out adventurer with the ability to create “Save Points” who came from another world. He retired from being an adventurer and decided to run an inn, while training newbie adventurers. Loretta, who needs to become strong, will be trained by the innkeeper, Alexander. If you die, don't worry about it, just hit load!
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