Royal Cinderella Mama
Royal Cinderella Mama

Royal Cinderella Mama

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Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Drama, Isekai
Reincarnated as a poor woman...? Or a saint? At the imperial Palace of Dorodoro, I'll use the infatuation of the calm and cool Emperor in order to climb the stairs of royalty! I had an ordinary everyday life. I lived a modest single life with gardening as a hobby. I didn't mind the work and wouldn't have changed anything. But then one day, I accidentally opened the door to another world. When I realized what was happening, I was in an open-air bath! I noticed that there was a naked man and it was after I ran away from him that I could finally grasp the situation. It seems like I resemble the daughter of a fallen nobility by the name of ‘Rosalinde’. I have absolutely no money, but if I can grow my favourite plants and make a profit then I don’t mind living in this world. However, because I am of the lower class in society I would get harassed. But a strange man of unknown origin by the name of Alexander came to my rescue and it seems that he cares about me. Who in the world is this person?
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