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      Story 1 (Chapters 1-2) : Closing Day
      Two guys become fast friends due to their mutual love for gaming, until one of them begins to want something else entirely...

      Story 2 (Chapter 3) : The Voices of Cicadas
      Due to his deep-rooted fear of abandonment, Iwasaki has always preferred 'easy' relationships with married men looking for a quick lay, so as to ensure that the 'inevitable' breakup will be "fast, clean, and peaceful," since there's no chance that he'll come to expect genuine love from the other party. Needless to say, this seemingly foolproof plan has one major flaw...

      Story 3 (Chapter 4 ): Chocolate Soldier
      Why do people try so hard to obtain things, when simply watching should be enough?

      Story 4 (Chapter 5) : Laundream
      Clumsy but hard-working, overworked Amamiya has been losing sleep for days, and finally manages to catch a nap while waiting at the laundromat.

      Story 5 (Chapter 6) : To Hate Without Trying
      Kubota, who's never been married, has an odd propensity for turning down prospective wives on the grounds that they love eating taiyaki, which he claims to hate. But what's the true story behind his strange aversion to such a popular and delicious food?

      Story 7 (Chapter 8) : Together, Hand in Hand
      Revisiting the boys from Chocolate Soldier, as high school graduation grows near.






      PublishedNov 22, 2007 to Jan 21, 2010
      Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2017
      Other namesClosing Day , 洒涙雨, The Voices of Cicadas, Semigoe, Chocolate Soldier, Laundream, Rakujitsu, Kuwazu Kirai, To Hate Without Trying, Haru no Arashi, Spring Storm, Te to Te wo Awasete, Together, Hand in Hand
      Vol.1 Chapter 8: Together, Hand in Hand [End]Aug 30, 2016more_horiz
        Vol.1 Chapter 7: Spring StormAug 30, 2016more_horiz
          Vol.1 Chapter 6: To Hate Without TryingAug 30, 2016more_horiz
            Vol.1 Chapter 5: LaundreamAug 30, 2016more_horiz
              Vol.1 Chapter 4: Chocolate SoldierAug 30, 2016more_horiz
                Vol.1 Chapter 3: The Voices of CicadasAug 30, 2016more_horiz
                  Vol.1 Chapter 2: Closing Day (2)Aug 30, 2016more_horiz
                    Vol.1 Chapter 1: Closing Day (1)Aug 30, 2016more_horiz