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A collection of oneshots:

High School Lullaby by Hideyoshico
The popular boy in class & a boy who plays the devil's advocate (has a girlfriend). But appearances can be deceiving.

Good Excuse by Jaryuu Dokuro (2 chapters)
A bookstore employee who's easy to be played with & an overly-friendly businessman.

Yajirushi (Arrow) by Harada
A student who’s had it super easy his whole life & an errand boy with communication difficulties.

Sakasa Moji nara Suki da to Ieru (I Can Say I Love You if it’s Backwards) by Ogeretsu Tanaka
A sensible man worrying about love & a completely rebellious cheater.

Kemono Kamo yo Miyuki-chan by Purugaria

Buchioka by Fujio

Gesu to Kuzu wa Hikareau by Kubota

Semai Sekai ni by Tsuyuki Yuruco

Ore wa Ninki Mono by Inutoki (story) and Shouhei (art)

Michizure by Ichikawa Kei
A boy who is easily roped into things & a cool beauty who is a natural asshole.

Other Facts

PublishedSep 10, 2014
Last UpdatedJune 4, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesHigh School☆Lullaby, 下衆BL, Good Excuse, Yajirushi, Sakasa Moji nara Suki da to Ieru, Kemono Kamo yo Miyuki-chan, Buchioka, Gesu to Kuzu wa Hikareau, Semai Sekai ni, Ore wa Ninki Mono, Michizure, Fellow Traveler