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Saraba, Yasashii Yuuzuru

4 chapters | Completed | Rank 16975
A collection of four short stories.

The One-Eyes Cry on Thursday:
"IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" "I'M SCARED!" "NO! NO! NO!" This seems to be all that Jun and Haruka hear from the One-Eyes every Thursday since they were small. The One-Eyes cling and follow their hosts, leaking worries and fears, but Jun refuses to interfere and even though Haruka wants to help, he is always talked out of it by Jun. Why are they the only ones able to see the One-Eyes?

Goodbye My Sweet Crane:
Maki always says that no one ever taught her anything. Her mother disappeared when she was young and then the only other adult in her life, her grandmother, passed away. When her college boyfriend dumps her, her neighbor Nao who took care of her during her childhood, gives her a special box "that gives you important things from your own memories." But all she finds in it is a single red marble. Is Nao teasing with her, or is something more magical going on?

To You Without a Face:
Ever since Sumi was a child she's been called all sorts of names because of the birthmark on her face. Feeling bitter, she wished her twin brother, Natsumi, would lose his face and experience what she feels. Now, in middle school, Sumi's wish has finally been granted.

Working Ghouls:
Kouno died while trying to save his dad's cat, Mimi, and became a ghost. So much for his dad's educated insistence that ghosts aren't real! What's worse is that Kouno is now trying to be a professional ghost but can't appear before people and needs to learn how. Meanwhile the company "Working Ghoul" gets a job at a musical fundraiser. The job? To protect his dad from a premeditated crime against him.


Other Facts

PublishedAug 2010 to Mar 2012
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2017
Other namesGood-by, My Sweet Crane, Hitotsume wa Mokuyou ni Naku, Saraba, Yasashii Yuuzuru, Nakigao no Kimi e, Hataraku Obake, さらば、やさしいゆうづる