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Secret Kiss

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 4415
Wakana attends the cram school where Toutou-sensei works as her teacher. The quiet but easily angered Wakana is usually seen texting during class to Mizuno, a boy from another school. when her phone is taken away. After waiting until class had ended for her phone, Touto approaches her with her phone and suddenly makes a love confession.

Even though Wakana doubts the seriousness of Touto-sensei's confession, it is confirmed the next day after class when he awaits her answer of going out or not. Through a series of arguments, Wakana approaches Mizuno only to be rejected when he introduces his new girlfriend, and Wakana runs into the arms of Touto-sensei.

They then decide on a ‘trial date’ so that they can move slowly and see if Wakana is willing to stay as Touto's girlfriend.


Other Facts

Published2000 to 2002
Last UpdatedJune 20, 2017
Other namesシークレット・キス