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Sekai Seifuku Sekirara Jogakukan

27 chapters | Completed | Rank 10483
Fumizuki Mai just recently moved into town and is starting her new life at school. She soon realizes that the curriculum is really weird, consisting of body fitness classes, undressing classes, and extreme combat training. Mai soon realizes that her school is really a location for girls to become the most incredible women on Earth. She meets four girls who are weird but nice in their own way but their craziness and the ridiculous classes just might make Mai go crazy.



Other Facts

PublishedDec 26, 2007 to Nov 26, 2009
SerializationShounen Sirius
Last UpdatedJune 2, 2017
Other namesSeigi no Fukumen Muffler Justice, 世界制服セキララ女学館, Sekai Seifuku Sekirara Jogakkan