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Sengoku ARMORS

17 chapters | Completed | Rank 15117
10 years after the killing of Oda Nobunaga, allegedly through the betrayal of his follower Akechi Mitsuhide, Nobunaga's 16-year-old daughter is being sent to the current ruler of Japan, the cruel Toyotomi Hideyoshi. En route, she is rescued by two mysterious, powerful monks. Her mistrust of their intentions only deepens when she learns that one of them, who calls himself Tenkai, possesses one of the powerful weapons known as "Sodomu." Tenkai's plans will only become clear when his secrets are revealed! Hopefully, he can show Nobunaga's daughter that the power of "Sodomu" can be used for good as well as evil!


Other Facts

PublishedMar 7, 2011 to Jul 11, 2011
SerializationShounen Jump (Weekly)
Last UpdatedMay 28, 2017
Other names戦国ARMORS