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Shinigami to Chocolate Parfait

11 chapters | Completed | Rank 14740
Jinna Amakura was a typical, if not a bit stingy, high school boy. Typical, that is, until he died...at least he was supposed to die, but he didn't. Jinna is now considered by the powers that be as a "Soul Irregular."

Enter Nagi who is a Grim Reaper on her first job—to kill Jinna and return his soul to the proper cycle of life and death. If she fails, she will be turned into her favorite dessert and eaten by the head of the Angels of Death. Not only does her job start off as worse as it possibly could, but Nagi and Jinna form an almost friendly, if not unusual relationship...just wait till her boss finds out...


Other Facts

PublishedDec 9, 2006 to Oct 9, 2007
SerializationDragon Age
Last UpdatedJanuary 23, 2018
Other namesSweets or Death!?, 死神とチョコレート・パフェ


Vol.2 Chapter 10January 23, 2018
Vol.2 Chapter 9January 23, 2018
Vol.2 Chapter 8January 23, 2018
Vol.2 Chapter 7January 23, 2018
Vol.2 Chapter 6August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 5.5: ExtraJanuary 23, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 5January 23, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 4January 23, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 3January 23, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 2January 23, 2018
Vol.1 Chapter 1August 30, 2016