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Shinwa Ponchi

20 chapters | Completed | Rank 12502
Aritake Deigo has decided to move out because he could not stand living with his family anymore and wants to find a place to live a miserly life of self-loathing. While talking to an apartment agent, he encounters a strange blue haired girl carrying a snake statue. He then starts hearing a voice from the statue and after touching it, he gets knocked out. Upon waking up, he finds out that he has been possessed my Lyssa, the Goddess of Madness. Now, if he can't be happy from the bottom of his heart, he will die.


Other Facts

PublishedApr 3, 2009 to Jun 18, 2010
SerializationYoung Gangan
Last UpdatedJune 1, 2017
Other namesMythic Punch, Shinwa Punch, 神話ポンチ