Viking no Hanayometachi

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      In the Viking Brides series:

      1-Byakuya no Princess (The Reluctant Princess)
      Elli has no memories of her homeland or father, having been raised abroad by her mother with her sisters. When a mysterious man breaks into her house, she finds out that she’s royalty of the far-off land of Gullandria, and that her father is the king! With a reunion in the cards, will Gullandria prove to be all Elli hopes, or will she escape into the arms of the man who brought her there?

      2-Gekka no Ayamachi (Prince and Future...Dad?)
      For some, waking up after a romp in the hay with a rash all over you might be cause for regret, but for Princess Liv, it’s the beginning of an adventure that’ll change how she views the world. Can she learn to believe in love after running away from it all her life? Can she and Finn build a brighter future together, or is she destined to inherit the loneliness of her parents?

      3-Shukumei no Deai (The Marriage Medallion)
      He’s going to be my husband? Princess Brit is forced to marry to preserve the royal bloodline, so she flees the palace and heads for the distant North Sea. But on the way there, her plane crashes, and she is thrown against the steep cliffs. She’s hurt and terrified! As if in answer to her pleas for help, a dark shadow appears. Is he the legendary black knight? No—it’s Eric Greyfell. He’s as beautiful as a hero from Norse myth, but his heart is as impenetrable as a stone statue. And he’s the man she was expected to marry!

      4-Kamen no Prince (The Man Behind the Mask)
      Dulcie has arrived at a foreign palace to celebrate the wedding of her best friend, the princess of a small country. There, she meets Prince Valbrand, a man with a scar on his face. A hideous burn scar, marring the face of a beautiful man. What cruel fate must he have endured? On the night of the ball, spurred by curiosity, Dulcie dances with him and realizes that she has fallen in love.But as Dulcie grapples with her emotions, a tragedy awaits.






      Original Publisher Harlequin
      Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2017
      Other names仮面のプリンス, 宿命の出会い, 月下のあやまち, 月下のあやまち―バイキングの花嫁たち2, 白夜のプリンセス, 白夜のプリンセス―バイキングの花嫁たち1, Byakuya no Princess, Gekka no Ayamachi, Kamen no Prince, Prince and Future... Dad?, Shukumei no Deai, The Man Behind the Mask, The Marriage Medallion, The Reluctant Princess, Viking no Hanayome-tachi
      Chapter: The Marriage MedallionAug 30, 2016more_horiz