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Shunkan Heroism

1 chapters | Completed | Rank 16024
There's an urban legend about a hero that is able to take out entire groups of delinquents. People have only seen the hero's back, where there's an X upon the hero's clothes. A friendless yankee type girl wearing an X on her back, Kinami Shino, may be this hero. She forcefully makes friends with Batsumaru, a boy with red and white hair, dragging him unwillingly into the world of violence. But is Shino really the hero or are things a little more complicated?


Other Facts

PublishedAug 2, 2010
SerializationShounen Jump (Weekly)
Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2017
Other names瞬間×ヒロイズム, Shunkan x Heroism


Chapter 0: OneshotAugust 30, 2016