Soul Cartel
Soul Cartel

Soul Cartel

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Supernatural, Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Webtoons, Tragedy
  • Si-hun Cha lacks spiritual abilities, unlike his family, but is still able to see spirits
  • One day, he stumbles upon a powerful demon named Mephistopheles, who will want his help for his plan
  • Mephisto wants to learn about the human world to find the new Faust and continue their battle
Welcome to a game of action and fantasy unlike any other, where demons and angels are key players, and the souls of humanity are at stake! Sihoon is a young boy that lost his parents and now lives alone with his older sister. The two of them have the ability to see supernatural spirits, a trait that led Sihoon to cross paths with the powerful demon, Mephistopheles. Calling himself Mephisto, the demon claims to be searching for the reincarnation of Faust to continue their battle of centuries ago. This time, however, to keep God from “unfairly interfering,” Mephisto requests a new judge for his and Faust’s battles -- Sihoon!
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