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Volume 1
1. Days Wishes Fall (Yun Ji Woon)
About the relationship between a father and a daughter.

2. The Door (Kim Yeon-Joo)
The reminisces of a girl in the temporary care of a lord apparent.

3. The Ravages of the Tiger (Seo Moon Da Mi)
A girl seeks revenge and death through hunting a tiger.

4. The Night has a Thousand Eyes (Lee Hyeon-Sook)
The relationship between a boy, his girlfriend, and her cousin.

5. I Hate You, Dad ♥ (Lee Si Young)
6. The Road the Dead Pass By (Park Eun-Ah)

Volume 2
3. To Be Born In an Endless Night (Lee Hyeon-Sook)
5. But... (Lee Si Young)
7. Sanctuary (Rhim Ju-Yeon)

Volume 3
1. Moon Palace [월궁 (月宮)] (Yun Ji Woon)
3. And... by Lee Si Young)
4. Sorrow [哀 (슬플애)] (Park Ki-Hong & Kim Seon Hee (박기홍 & 김선희))

7. Hijo de la Luna (Shin Ji-Sang and Geo)
A noble man recalls the tragic story of a boy born out of wedlock and the supposed curse upon him because of his white eye. The cursed boy lives a harsh life and falls in love with someone forbidden to him. In the end the beast kills the one he cared most about.

Volume 4
1. Shepherds (Kwon Gyo-jung)
2. Bride (Ah Ivan/Eban (아이반))
3. (황금나선의 경로) (Usijin (유시진))
4. Sweet & Sweet (달콤하고 달콤하도다) (Kim Se Young)
5. (너는 나의 달빛) (Lee Si Young)

6. 1000 Years in Your Eyes (천년도 당신 눈에는) (Rhim Ju-Yeon)
A touching story about a love beyond space and time.



Other Facts

Published2005 to ?
Last UpdatedJuly 17, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other names순애보, Stories of Pure Love, Pure Love Stories, 1000 Years in Your Eyes