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Bara no Hitomi wa Bakudan

8 chapters | Completed | Rank 5608
A collection of short stories by Yamashita Tomoko.

A well known photographer named Jed Knox acquires a one-sided love from his time in a foreign country. Because the target of his crush, Sahab, said he would never love another since his wife died, Jed would never tell of his feelings. Oh but how Jed wished Sahab would love him even a little bit and that he could have Sahab's soul in his hands. Although ifrits (genies, etc) are magical wish givers in story, what could happen if they were real?



Other Facts

PublishedDec 10, 2008
SerializationBe x Boy GOLD
Last UpdatedJune 14, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesThe Eyes of the Rose are Bombs, 薔薇の瞳は爆弾