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In the Beast Harem series:

V.1 Rakuen Danshi
Youko is a normal high-school girl attending a not so normal high school. You see Youko's school used to be an all boys school, so after transferring to this school she is the only female in her class, and that surely can cause a few problems! She is being constantly teased by her classmates, especially by Mastsushima Soushi, who she hates the most! But not everything is bad, Youko is in love with Narumiya Kouei, the only one who helped her since she entered the school. But if the one Youko loves is Narumiya, why does she finds it so hard to stay away from Mastsushima, who she 'hates the most'?

- Aka Roze Tenshi

V.2 - Gokujou Rakuen Danshi
Youko and Soushi start dating. However, summer break is approaching, and Youko has to be separated from Soushi. Not if Soushi can help it. he is working with Narumiya to save up for their summer vacation hot spring trip. Yet, shadows are coming to destroy the couple's love. Will this love rival succeed? Or will Youko and Soushi's relationship survive and have their first time?

V.3 Junai Rakuen Danshi
Youko and Soushi are on their lovey-dovey vacation. There, they meet Narumiya and his famous girlfriend. Youko prepares to give her first time to Soushi, but finds it extremely hard due to sharing a bedroom with friends and the pain. Upon seeing Narumiya and his girlfriend together, Youko grows worried. Will Soushi and Youko have their first time at the hot spring? Or will Soushi get tired of Youko's immaturity and end their relationship?

V.4 - Rakuen Danshi - Mujintouhen


Other Facts

PublishedMar 24, 2006 to May 24, 2007
Last UpdatedJune 12, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesRakuen Danshi, 楽園男子~ビーストハーレム~, Namida no Toriko, Junjou no Ondo, Aisare Jouzu♥, 乐园男子, 极上乐园男子, 楽園男子~無人島編~, 潤愛楽園男子~ビーストハーレム, Gokujou Rakuen Danshi, Rakuen Danshi - Beast Harem, Rakuen Danshi - Mujintou-hen, Rakuen Danshi - Mujintouhen


Chapter 3August 30, 2016
Chapter 2August 30, 2016
Chapter 1August 30, 2016