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Houseki-iro no Koi

10 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 7932
A collection of oneshots.
• 777

• Demande
About the worth of an object.

• Love Magnet / Koi-Onna
About the woman from "Multiplying Lights," "Infinite 20 Minutes," and ".925."

• the OL cafe

• Roulette
Two women find a way to pass the time while waiting to cross the street.

• Mio Post
The protagonist wants to find out more about a woman she sees on the train.

• Parfum
A woman distracts her lover.

• P. V.
About an indecisive woman.

• Mannequin
An artist who makes mannequins seems too closely attached to her work.

• Baby You
A woman considers whether to date her co-worker.

• To Meet
A sumptuous story of the relationship of two women. What is it “to meet”? What does “each other” mean?

• Topaze
Two women remember a certain dessert.

• Infinite 20 Minutes
A woman has a lover who comes very infrequently. When the woman finds out that the lover loves Marlboros, she stocks up on them in an attempt to make her lover visit more frequently.

• Multiplying Lights
A simple lighter sheds light on a relationship between two women.

• .925
A woman proposes to her lover, but?

• Up and Down
A college student gets to know her new neighbor.

• Helter-skelter
A sequel to "Up and Down." The neighbors decide to go to a public bath.



Other Facts

PublishedOct 29, 2009 to Jun 30, 2014
SerializationRakuen Le Paradis
Last UpdatedJune 5, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesCouleur de Bijoux d'Amour, Nishi Uko Sakuhinshuu, Roulette, Mio Post, Parfum, Perfume, P.V., Mannequin, 777, Baby You, Demande, Au, To Meet, Topaze, Nijuu-bun no Mugen, Multiplying Lights, 925 permil, Koi-Onna, Up and Down, Helter-skelter, The OL Café, 宝石色の恋 西UKO作品集, .925, 宝石色之恋, Infinite 20 Minutes, Love Magnet, To Meet (NISHI Uko), Housekiiro no Koi


Chapter: Up and DownAugust 30, 2016
Chapter: .925June 3, 2018
Chapter: Multiplying LightsJune 5, 2018
Chapter: Infinite 20 MinutesJune 3, 2018
Chapter: TopazeJune 3, 2018
Chapter: To MeetJune 3, 2018
Chapter: Baby YouJune 3, 2018
Chapter: Mio PostJune 3, 2018
Chapter: RouletteJune 3, 2018
Chapter: DemandeJune 3, 2018