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A collection of stories:

1) Yasashii Dakeno by Suzuki Tsuta
A terminally ill patient and a mysterious boy. (Related to Konoyo Ibun).

2) Okite Saisho ni Suru Koto wa by Shimura Takako
I want you to touch me, I want us to have sex, I want you to like me, I want you to love me, As a brother, and not as a brother.

3) Love in Motion by Kumota Haruko
Super sadistic gay high school student and a kind teacher.

4) Yukiiro Machiboke by Mikage Tsubaki
One fateful night, the doctor Hanabusa saves a dirty street urchin and patches him up, and now this filthy child is determined to thank him.

5) 2-choume no Chiisana Sakana by Hideki Kawai

6) Mura wo Deta Kara Kuri by Natsuki Zippo

7) STAKEOUT by Itoi Nozo

8) Kosha Ura no Natsu by Sakurabi Hashigo
Heartbroken Manabu-kun keeps meeting up with his senpai in the back of the school, who appears to be keeping a secret.

9) Parsley to Mini Tomato by Ukino
Parsley and Mini Tomato are best friends who promised each other that they'd become delicious and get eaten together. The problem is: no one wants to eat Parsley! A sweet love between two food personifications.

10) Aishi Aenai Koi Naraba by Kiyomizu Hikari

11) Senaka by Tsuda Yuki

Serie included many short stories: Many chapters haven't been scanlated yet.

Other Facts

PublishedSep 30, 2013
Last UpdatedJune 4, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesOkite Saisho ni Suru Koto wa, 不憫BL, Parsley to Mini Tomato, Aishi Aenai Koi naraba, Mura kara Deta Karakuri, Stakeout, Love in Motion, Yasashii dake no, Yuki-iro Machiboke, 2-chome no Chisana Sakana, Kousha Ura no Natsu, Senaka.